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This site has been created for fun. There is no commercial or political aspect to it. Many of the images displayed on it are at least 50 years old and come from old postcards, maps, posters etc etc. Some of the newer images have been photographed by me, whilst others come from other enthusiasts and organisations.

No attempt is being made to claim copyright on anything on this site and if I have accidentally infringed anyone else's copyright or upset any one please get in touch and I will remove any images etc which you object to if we can't reach an agreement.

Likewise, if you want to reuse anything from this site, please do so.

As I mentioned above, the sole purpose of this site is to document a little know long vanished railway in Northern France.

The Internet is an invaluable resource for this type of research, coupled with filed work. But, links on the 'net come & go and so the ones note below where all valid in May 2024 but may have vanished.

The Internet Archive is always a good place to look, as it archives web sites automatically.

The ING geoportal, the Franch State mapping agency, has some amazing maps and aerial images. This link will take you directly to an aerial photograph of Nouvion station taken in the 1950s. From there you can explore the entire line!

The French website 'Metric and Narrow Gauge passion' is always worth revisiting and several of the images on this site came from there.

An excellent source of pre-war timetables can be found here - '

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