50°11'50.5"N 1°44'27.8"E

50.197419 , 1.741134

299 rue de l'Ancienne Gare

80860 Noyelles-sur-Mer

Parcelle : 000 / ZL / 0019

Altitude : 14.57 m

w3w : puisons.chimiste.distraite

299 Rue de Sailly Bray, 80860 Noyelles-sur-Mer, France


The small station at Sailly-Flibeaucourt can not be clearly identified today, but this private house seems to be the most probable location. The original station building was of an unusual design and aerial images from the 1940s offer a good match to this location. The 'new' road was built between 1947 and 1950 and before then the station was situated on the 'main' road, rather than the loop it is today.