Location Altitude w3w
50.251503 , 1.892264  33.99 m dévorer.déjeuner.moniteur

Crecy was one of the more important stations of the line and followed a similar layout to Le Crotoy, which well preserved and used by the Chemin de fer de la Baie de Somme heritage railway. The station is located to the south of the town and like many light railway stations required a long walk to reach it! As well as the main ticket building there is an attached goods shed and there seems to have a range of external sheds as well. The main line ran through the station with a passing loop behind it and various sidings.

As well as passengers, sugar beets when in season and phosphate ore comprised the main source of traffic.

After closure the main building passed through various owners and gently declined into near dereliction and was offered for sale in 2013 for E155,000. The sales details gave the floor space as 108m2 and set in 1700m2 with 8 rooms, 3 of which claimed to be bedrooms. By 2023 it had again changed hands and seems to have a brighter future as a visitor center for Cresy with special reference to the battle.